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Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery 8" Chef's Knife

  • Item No Longer Available
  • Ask any professional chef and you’ll find out, the Chef’s Knife is the most indispensable of all the knives in the block. Perfectly diced onions and peppers, slender zucchini matchsticks, roll cut carrots and thinly shredded cabbage are just a few strokes away with this powerful, versatile tool.
    Notice how the blade edge of the Chef’s Knife is gently curved, from tip to heel. That’s to allow you to use a gentle, even rocking and gliding motion as you cut. The length and weight of the blade helps you work more efficiently. (The longer and heavier the blade, the less muscle you have to put behind it!) Use the whole blade to cut larger items like potatoes and Spanish onions into slices or strips. The bolster gives the knife weight at the heel so the back half of the blade can be used to make smaller cuts. The flat of the blade can be used to lightly “whack” the skins from garlic cloves, too.
  • Contemporary Cutlery's full tang design provides better balance and superior strength.
  • Each knife type individually balanced for efficiency and comfort.
  • Ergonomic grip handle uniquely contoured for one size fits all comfort
  • Full tang design provides better balance and superior strength.
  • Fully tapered from cutting edge to spine and from tip to heel for superior strength and greater cutting versatility.
  • Hand-ground to a perfect, equal edge and fine satin finish.
  • High carbon, no-stain German steel from tip to tang. Sharpens more easily than ordinary stainless and maintains its edge longer. Resists rust, stains, discoloration.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One piece forging of blade, bolster and tang for long-lasting durability. No parts to separate.
  • Patented handle labels make knife identification easy.
32 out of 32 (100%) reviewers recommend this product


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  1. 5 out of 5 stars.

    Give it a try. It's a great knife!

    I bought this when I started cooking for myself more a few years ago and as I dove into coming into my own as a at home cook this knife did nothing but impress me. It's an extension of my arm at this point and is great for the price. This is a heavy, nice, sharp knife that has to be cared for though. Be kind to it and you will be rewarded by it's durability.  Better to buy one nice knife that will last years than to buy 1 cheap one every year for a decade.  The only word of caution is that this knife is heavy. The handle and the blade are full tang and it's a serious heft compared to cheaper knives. I love this about it, but I've found others are scared of using it due to it's heft. You adjust to it quickly though in either case and people I cook with compliment me on it often.  Buy it!

  2. 5 out of 5 stars.

    Cutting edge cutlery

    My wife originally bought me the 5" sontuko knife which I fell in love with! so to replace my 8" chef's knife I went and purchased this calphalon chef's knife and believe you me it does the job perfectly if not better then the way over priced brands out there. Perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing very well balanced and comfortable to cut with and very sharp. The price even made it that much more better!

  3. 5 out of 5 stars.

    A great addition to your kitchen

    Many people say that a good chef's knife ia a must have for the kitchen. I have to agree and feel that this knife is a great choice. The balance of the knife is good and I like the weight of the knife. this knife is a joy to use. I love the grip of the contemporary knifes. They are comfortable for multiple sized hands.

  4. 5 out of 5 stars.

    Now THIS is a Knife!!!!

    WOW: this is such a great knife that I just couldn't leave it in the drawer of the house my wife and I were renting from a friend (I subsequently told the friend I stole her knife...AND steal!). This knife is so flippin' sharp that I show it off to friends! A couple of draws on it's steal and it's just uncanny how a blade can become so sharp! This is the best value you'll find anywhere on a chef's knife!! But be VERY careful!! It'll cut you and you'll never feel it.

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